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Propello Life Gives Back, Motivates Healthier Lifestyles One Natural Drink at a Time

Propello Life is propelling customers into healthier lifestyles one natural drink at a time.

“Propello Life is an active nutrition company created to inspire, educate and fuel active lives,” says Duke Armstrong, CEO and Founder of Propello Life. “We believe in balanced, whole living, which means that your health and life are their fullest when you manage your life around our seven aspects of a healthy lifestyle: movement, nourishment, rejuvenation, love, passion, mind and spirit.”

Located in Dublin, Ohio – just outside of Columbus – Propello Life launched in July 2016. Now it has several full-time employees and more than 30 ambassadors across the U.S. The name, Propello Life came from a translation meaning “motivated life.”

“We have found that for someone to truly live a healthy lifestyle, they have to change their life. Changing your habits around how you live is a very difficult and hard thing that requires a ton of motivation, dedication and determination,” he explains. “Propello Life embodies that and was founded to help people as they change their life.”

There are six products offered through Propello Life: Collagen+, Vegan Protein, Whey Protein, Rejuvenating Aminos, Pre-Workout and Energy + Focus. “Energy + Focus is our most popular,” Armstrong says. “It’s a natural drink designed to provide energy, focus, and boost metabolism and fat burning. It is perfect to get you in the zone before a workout, as a pick-me-up on those crazy busy days, or as a coffee alternative for those that don’t want the java.”

Armstrong says Propello Life is different from other nutrition brands because they concentrate on the person, not just on how the person looks. “We sell the absolute best products, provide the absolute best customer service and experience, and lead with education and inspiration,” he explains. “We feel that if we make a positive impact on our customers’ lives and help them live a healthier life, then we have created value for them. The sales follow the value we provide.”

Giving back is also important for Armstrong and his team at Propello Life. “We have been partnering with local gyms from day one to support their charity events and outreach programs. We also launched our own charity events to give back to our community,” Armstrong says. “Specifically, we have partnered with Special Olympics Ohio to raise money for their athletes. Special Olympics is near and dear to our hearts and to be able to aid their efforts brings us amazing joy.”

To learn more about Propello Life, follow them on FacebookInstagram and their website where you can subscribe to their newsletter list. “We regularly email healthy recipes and blog posts on all things health-related,” Armstrong says. “People tell us they love getting our emails because they’re full of great content and not salesy.”