Live For It!

Duke Armstrong of Propello Life

With the challenges of the past year, we are all looking for ways to improve our health and fitness. Propello Life was founded by Duke Armstrong in August 2016 and offers a selection of premium, natural supplements. Today we’re going to discover how Duke noticed a gap in this market and created a range of […]


Alumni couple sparks community engagement and gives back through special T-shirt fundraiser Wittenberg University alumni have always bonded over their alma mater’s famed “flying W” brand identity mark. The gothic-styled first letter in the University’s name has served as an immediate connector among alumni and as a point of pride, worn proudly on apparel and […]

Propello Life Gives Back, Motivates Healthier Lifestyles One Natural Drink at a Time

Propello Life is propelling customers into healthier lifestyles one natural drink at a time. “Propello Life is an active nutrition company created to inspire, educate and fuel active lives,” says Duke Armstrong, CEO and Founder of Propello Life. “We believe in balanced, whole living, which means that your health and life are their fullest when […]